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Paralysis left-hand of Retired Govt Employee completely healed Ozone Therapy

Mr. Saini of Jalandhar’s Hargobind Nagar worked diligently all his life as a government employee in BSNL. After retiring from his government job, Saini (64) has planned to live a comfortable life, getting in touch with old friends and relatives while picking up some new hobbies.
Little did he know that life had different plans for him.
Saini had marked 2021 as the year of retirement, a milestone. But the year has now been etched in his memory as the time when he suffered two strokes within six months and suffered left-hand paralysis.
Left-hand paralysis makes it unable to move or control the left hand due to damage or impairment in the nervous system caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury. He could not fold his thumb and first finger at all. He could not even feel anything or the prick of a needle.
“It was unexpected and came as a shock to me and my family since I never had any major health issues. The stroke left my left hand paralyzed. My left hand had lost sense, and my muscles went extremely weak. I was left with no energy to do any task,” Saini shared.
Saini added that in the past two years, he has tried various medical practices, from Allopathy to Ayurveda, but nothing has worked.
“My two sons settled in Australia and New Zealand, and they were aware of my condition. They tried to find the best treatment for me. My son, who is based in Australia, has heard a lot of positive feedback about Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is quite popular in Australia. When he came to India this time, the first thing he did after reaching here was to look for a prominent ozone therapy centre in the region. Oxyheal Naturopathic Clinic has been healing patients with Ozone therapy with impressive results, so we decided to visit them,” said Saini.
Mr.Saini expressed that while he was optimistic about the Ozone therapy, he was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
“My left hand has healed almost 80 % in just one month. Since it’s winter, my hand still has some stiffness, but I think I will be completely healed in the coming months,” he said.
A former BSNL officer employee shared that he was only asked to avoid consuming milk products during the therapy.
“Other than dairy products, I have been having my regular meals. This stroke and recovery have made me more observant about what I eat and drink. I used to smoke earlier, but I’m gradually cutting down on smoking, and I have stopped drinking altogether,” he shared.
On regular 2 hours walks after Ozone therapy
The ozone therapy has not only brought back the senses in Saini’s left hand but has also positively impacted his overall health.
“After a stroke, I felt immense weakness. I used to run out of breath in seconds, but I feel completely energized by the ozone therapy. I regularly go for morning walks which usually stretches to two hours,” he added.

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