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Fighting COVID-19 with Ozone, Unmasking the Secrets of Rapid Recovery

Are you afraid of contracting COVID-19 as India grapples with rising cases and the cold wave embracing the country? Fear no more!

As India cautiously navigates through the rising JN.1 variant of COVID-19 cases, health experts are now emphasizing Ozone Therapy as the most effective alternative medicine choice.

Amid ongoing research since 2020 for alternative therapies, ozone therapy has emerged as a promising treatment, showing remarkable results in combating the virus.

At the same time In a groundbreaking clinical trial conducted in mid-2020, ozone therapy utilizing medical-grade ozone—a mixture of oxygen and ozone—demonstrated an impressive recovery rate of 77 percent within five days.

By the eighth day of the study, all patients in the ozone group had fully recovered. This therapy, administered intravenously, stimulates the body’s immunity, aiding the fight against COVID-19 infections and facilitating overall healing.

Key Advantages of Ozone Therapy

This treatment not only accelerates recovery but also significantly reduces the recurrence of COVID-19. Post-COVID-19, ozone therapy effectively alleviates lingering symptoms such as breathlessness, tiredness, weakness, and clotting.

Ozone therapy enhances the body’s innate immunity, providing a robust defense against the virus. Health experts recommend up to 15 sessions of ozone therapy post-contracting COVID-19 to boost immunity and aid in recovery. The therapy aids in rebuilding antioxidants in the body, restoring strength eroded by the infection.

Cost-Effectiveness and Versatility of Ozone Therapy

Beyond COVID-19, ozone therapy has demonstrated efficacy in treating various conditions, including non-healing wounds, ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wound infections, chronic infections, skin conditions, cancer as a supportive treatment, arthritis, brain disorders, and liver diseases. These conditions are worse in cases of patients with comorbidities. Its cost-effectiveness and antimicrobial properties contribute to faster recovery and control over the virus’s recurrence.

Clinical Trials and Recommendations

The Ozone Forum of India, backed by the Bisleri Charitable Trust, conducted trials on 500 patients with diverse comorbid conditions.

The results underscore the therapy’s more significant impact, particularly in addressing circulatory disorders, headaches, lung infections, body pain, and breathlessness.

Dr. Mili Shah, President of the Ozone Forum of India, advocates integrating conventional medicine with natural healing modalities during the pandemic.

Dr. Alok Sharma, Director of the Neuro-Gen Brain & Spine Institute, supports using oz-therapy alongside existing medicines to expedite recovery and combat emerging variants.

As India confronts the ongoing pandemic surge, ozone therapy stands out as a cost-effective and efficient ally in the fight against COVID-19.

Its antimicrobial elements not only contribute to faster recovery but also offer a viable solution to control virus recurrence.

In this critical time, we at Oxyheal administer ozone therapy with conventional medical approaches, which presents a promising avenue for combating the evolving challenges posed by the pandemic.

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